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october 22, 2023

i think standard format for these blogs will be discussing stuff that happened within a few days. since my memory is stinky sometimes. anyways, first lemme tell you about my job and how obnoxious my boss is being to me lately. then we can get into the cool fun stuff that happened this sunday.

from the bottom of my clit there's no way i would be able to consistently handle working with my manager more than one day a week. all it feels like he does is complain about what i've been doing wrong, never telling me if or when i'm doing good. i'm not the only person he lowkey fucks with, and generally what is corroborated between myself and those people is that he's too stupid to understand that he's being an asshole. however that doesn't change the fact that it still fucking sucks!

all day yesterday he was just complaining about what i was doing. there's an artist (who also gets some shit treatment from my manager) that had a shit ton of prints that were just not displayed at all, rendering them completely inaccessible to customers. and there were a bunch of her prints that were just unlabeled! so i figured i would make that my priority for my shift. sure it was saturday and it was a little busy, but we had four people on staff, including myself.

then today (my day off) i get a text from my boss, saying i need to consult him before i put up advertising. this advertising was for a local underground show - which is advertising we've had up before. i'll go into my very musical sunday next paragraph, but holy shit. it's become a weekly occurance for him to text me on a day off to tell me how i've fucked up. i'm so tired of it and genuinely i'm so considering looking for employment elsewhere. that and the fact that i haven't gotten a raise in two years is pissing me off to no end.

anyways!! went to a record show today at the town hall. it was very cool! i felt sort of out of my element because a lot of these people felt very serious about buying and selling vinyls, plus there was a lot of people so i was pretty anxious the whole time. but i got a lynyrd skynyrd album for my dad, an album from ? and the mysterians (60s pop/rock), quadrophenia by the who, an album from the climax blues band, and some posters. then i got some avocado toast at the cafe and went for a walk.

finally! the show from tonight was really truly awesome. i've never been to an underground show before but it was full of really talented and kind people. quick rambley anxiety thing, i feel bad cus on the way home i was behind one of the bands in their car, and they tried to merge over to the other lane as i was coming up from behind on their side and i kinda tweaked a bit (cus my car body is made of fiberglass so any collision means no car. means carless.) so i scooted over myself and passed them. then got to a point where the road was big and long and clear and my brain went like "you can go fast in your fast car" so i did! and only realized after the fact that might come off as rude. they trailed behind me for a while so like feels bad (if any of y'all happen to be reading this that was me in the blue car in front of you i'm so sorry i didn't mean any ill will toward you i prommy). but yeah! all the bands were really awesome and cool and i hope that i can go out and see more local bands and stuff soon :]

maybe i could go work for a local record store, idk.