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November 18, 2023

omigosh hiiiiii~! it's been a minute, i know. so lemme catch you up on what's been happening in my little realm

just today i went to a local punk show - generally i go for the music and the socializing (if you're someone i met there - hi! hello! enjoy the blog entry there will be many more to follow. i hope i can share with you the wonders of the small web and how we can utilize it for punk spaces. anyways, i digress.) but this evening i brought with me my sketchbook and got in some absolutely riviting gesture studies. those will be posted with the rest of my art, so when that's up i'll move the funny little flashy ~new~ indicator to there. i'd upload them tonight but it is super late for me, plus i got job in the morning. so you'll get them tomorrow.

i have been doing so much work on my characters - particularly the ghost harem boys. like an obscene amount. i can't wait to share it all with you, but alas, it will have to wait until it's all finally together and in my desired format (it will be a webcomic - yippee!!). of course, some details i will be sharing in order to lure you in and get you as invested in my critters as i am. in store for you are 2 lovely little additions to silly guy central - a new wiki entry aaaaaaaaaand (*drumroll*) - a short story! but wait - surprise! there's more! i've got an updated WIP to share with you all tomorrow (along with my gesture studies). on top of that there's another piece i'm working on featuring my darling boy Sebastian. oh, and i'm also working on another seasonal welcome page thing. come to think of it, the look of it has gone stale for me, so i'm going to probably design a new generic one at some point, probably before the end of the year.

another art update (my commissions are open by the way), i'm experimenting with a new way to print stickers at home. i've already started the durability test as of a week ago, and we're still holding strong! so hopefully i'll be able to sell stickers at work again real soon :] still sorta trying to figure out online selling though. we'll get there eventually, hopefully. i also started an oil painting portrait of my cat! i just thought it would be a fun thing to do since i have all these physical art mediums just laying around.

hm, okay, other miscellanious things - i'm definitely going to try and cram some ffvii in on sunday, since i haven't touched it in a minute. then monday i'll go peruse that record store the town over just to see what's happening. it would be so cute and sexy if they were hiring. because they should totally hire me. i've got it all - stunning good looks, outstanding wit, and a winner's smile.

i think that's all. there was something i was going to say, but if i don't remember it, i suppose it wasn't important. until next time!!