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march 14, 2024

hi chat!! happy spring. despite the fact that it's maybe a little too warm this time of year for my area, i'm still enjoying it because i tend to run cold.

anyways, time to treat this like the therapy session i wish i had.

i'm still not quite over burnout tbh. in fact, in the gap of time between this blog entry and the last blog entry i had a big huge depressive episode. job hasn't been kind to me, and i'm gonna start actively looking for a new one. i won't go into great detail about it, but my manager and i aren't really cohesive, and i feel like it's something we both notice. but i haven't taken a break from job, and that in combination with another big loss (had to put a ferret down, he was 7 and just not doing very well anymore), i haven't made a piece of art that i'm satisfied with lately. i have been writing though, and my friends have been so awesome and cool by sticking with me during my sads

i placed an order for a flip phone in late february and it arrived a couple weeks ago. i've been carrying it with me to get used to it, and i intend for that to be the phone i can use to contact people. i've been noticing that i'm still on my phone a lot and i would like to reduce that time even further and ultimately demote my smartphone to a very fancy mp3 player (and camera if i need it). i just really want my phone to do it's 2 things of calling and texting people when i need to call or text people.

there's an arcade that opened near my job which has been fun! i actually won at their claw machines a few times which is crazy because i've never won a claw machine before. i got a purple dragon and his name is garsnap :] they also have bowling and karaoke, and i'm very excited for the karaoke in particular. though seeing as it's right next to where i work i can already see that i'm going to be spending way too much money there.

anyways! at the time of writing i have work like soonish. i'm probably going to leave early so i can get gas and maybe lunch somewhere? i'll go through my sketchbook when i get home and see if i find something upload-worthy. bye for now!