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certified worst space pirate ever!!

Kitsune is my KISSona! I use them primarily in roleplay focused on a KISS extended universe (link maybe coming sometime in the future if either myself of Zilla make a proper website for it). They're a self-proclaimed space pirate, but in reality they're more of a thief that happens to use the unsuspecting people they come across to their advantage. Because of their criminal life (and mainly absorption of the God's Note), their shapeshifting ablities are much more advanced than normal Kissterians; they can take on the physical form of almost anything. This, however, has come with psychological complications that will be explored in greater detail in the Bio section. Note that height is a range here, since they can change their height however they'd like to.

Pronouns they/he
Age ???
Type Mimic
Height 6'8"-7'
Hair color Silver
Eye color Amber

Abilities: As mentioned previously, Kitsune's mutation abilities are more advanced than other Kissterians. While most, if not all Kissterians have minor shapeshifting abilites, it's much more rigid if unpracticed - like training a muscle. Kitsune can change their physical form to give themselves more or less height, more or less muscle mass, grow their hair faster or change its color, change their eye color, or even change facial markings, among many other things. For example, they could perfectly imitate an animal like a bird or a snake. Because they have this control over their body, they can even heal wounds at an increased rate compared to other Kissterians. Depending on the severity, however, this can take more time and energy. Small cuts can be healed in a matter of seconds while near fatal wounds can be healed over the span of several hours.

They cannot mimic abilities though. If, for example, Kitsune were to mimic an emotion type, they would only be able to mimic their appearance. It would be impossible for them to mimic the ablities that come with being an emotion type Kissterian. (So no, Kitsune's abilities would not fall under the polymorphing subset of general transformative abilites.) Mechanical things, such as a bird being able to fly because of the structure of its wings and feathers, would give them an ability to fly. Or, for another example, they could inherit the bite force of a crocodile since those are controlled by muscles. Psychic/Magical abilities cannot be inherited through Kitsune's mimicry.


Kitsune the space pirate, in reality, is just a petty thief with nowhere to call home (a drifter or a nomad, perhaps). They were abandoned by their family for unknown reasons, and had to learn to survive on their own. While this sort of upbringing is not uncommon for Kissterians, Kitsune still tried to find the people that were "like him". So, throughout his life, Kitsune traveled across Kissteria in order to find companionship. Everywhere they went, they attempted to change their appearance in order to blend in with the people or animals they stayed with. They never stayed with a particular group for too long - whether that be because of people taking advantage of them, or because he felt he had outstayed his usefulness and become burdensome.

As they drifted across the land, they had come across a village that had just found a God's Note*. Knowing how valuable a Note could be, they had decided to steal the note from the village. In doing so, Kitsune absorbed the Note and had gained the power to drastically change their form to be just about anything they could imagine. Kissterians all have unique facial features, Kitsune of course being no exception to this. Because of the extended time of changing their features for others, or for their own protection from the law, Kitsune doesn't actually know what their actual markings are supposed to look like.

Kitsune's kleptomanic tendencies started out as keeping souviniers from previous attempts at settlments. It soon turned into a venture for profit, since he realized the things he had - and the things that other people had were worth money. Eventually, Kitsune begain feigning helplessness in order to steal from people. Since they could become whatever they wanted, this became the main method for them to have any semblance of weath.

As of right now, Kitsune is generaly disliked and merely tolerated by the Guardians (KISS). He is incredibly infatuated with Demon (it's about power definitely not because he's a masochist). Starchild likes them the most.

*The God's Note is a phenomenon wherein the blessings of the Gods leak into the corporeal realm of Kissteria. Notes can be absorbed by Kissterians and in doing so bestow the Kissterian with special abilities that could only be likened to that of the Guardians. Because of their intense power, it is required by law that Notes are brought to the nearest Kissterian authority in order to be properly contained and bestowed only to those deserving of that level of power.



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